A Step Closer to a Revitalized Khyber Building

Join us, Tuesday March 22 at 1pm, to show support for the Khyber Building by your presence at a Regional Council meeting. (City Hall, 3rd floor, Council Chambers, 1841 Argyle Street). Please note that Council rules do not permit visible displays of partisanship (such as wearing Khyber T-shirts).

1588 Barrington Building Preservation Society (with participation by Khyber Arts Society, Friends of the Khyber, and Neptune) looks forward to this Tuesday’s Council meeting. Councillors will discuss city staff’s proposal that the Khyber Building be placed as a surplus asset in the Community Stream. Under established Council procedures, this is the process that allows groups to submit proposals for the municipality to turn over one of its properties for community use. A positive vote from Council on Tuesday would ensure a public hearing of our proposal and the potential transfer of the building to a community group. This is the next step towards the realization of our shared vision for 1588 Barrington. 

Thank-you for your ongoing support and passion for the Khyber Building,

Friends of the Khyber


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